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Essential Requirements:

  • Hold a bachelor’s degree in Education with a specialization in a specific subject(Candidates with at least two subjects specialization stand a higher chance)
  • 2 years of relevant teaching experience
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Copy of ID(softcopy)
  • Passport photo(softcopy)
  • Professional photo(softcopy)
  • Available at least 3 days a week,Mon-Sat (8 a.m to 8 p.m)
  • Medical clearance form(for those teaching in-person)
  • Must have a stable internet connectivity,a laptop(with a functioning webcam,microphone and mouse) and an enabling teaching environment with minimal background noise.

We are looking for tutors:

  • That are enthusiastic and passionate about teaching
  • With flexible schedule, responsible and reliable
  • Committed to producing the best results
  • Are willing to attend professional development training sessions
  • Are Tech-savvy


As a private tutor, you’ll need to:

  • schedule and plan individual tutoring sessions for your students
  • provide tuition that is appropriate for the individual’s needs and study level
  • prepare students for exams or tests required for acceptance to education or training opportunities
  • assess any barriers to students’ study progress
  • maintain up-to-date knowledge of the curriculum content and qualification frameworks you’re providing subject tuition in
  • use relevant tutoring methods and materials
  • deliver video tutorials and facilitate online forums
  • keep student records, produce progress reports and make sure all individual student information is safely filed away
  • deliver a professional service.

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